What is the best way extract honey from a beehive in the wild?



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    Once you’ve found your bee hive, you now need to get the honeycomb(s) out without getting stung or hurting the bees. Doing this is as easy as grabbing some straw or other dry plant matter nearby and setting it on fire. The smoke created from this is not necessary toxic to the bees, but it will knock them out for a little while so you can extract the honey without fear of getting hurt. Find the hole that the bees fly into and stuff a smoking piece of dried plant matter into it. Wait about 3 minutes or so, and then cut away a slice of the honey comb. Just as a reminder, don’t cut off the whole honeycomb and take that home! Once the bees wake up, you’ll have potentially thousands of bees who are angry and looking for vengeance. Also, it’s not good to take any of the bees home as they may create a hive near you instead


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