What is the best way to explore the Amazon rain forest?



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    The Amazon is the largest river basin in the world.  It covers about 2.3 million square miles.  Considering its vast size, I would suggest joining a tour if you wish to explore the Amazon rain forest.  The tours are a safe and educational method to pursue.  

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    I would definitely suggest a tour. I would also choose a tour that has connections through the hotel. It is always the safest way to go when you travel because the hotel wants your business again. They would do anything to keep you happy. And also you might get some discounts. 

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    The Amazon rainforest is vast and is found in different countries, including Brazil and Peru. You should first decide which country you would like to visit (consider VISA requirements, costs of airfare, safety in addition to what the natural environment has to offer). Then, look online or in tourist guide books to find a good tour company. This will be the best way to see the rainforest because it will guarantee your safety and likely provide you with a guide who has excellent vision for the region (meaning you will see many amazing things). Discuss your specific tour with the guides and company to ensure that you have the best experience.

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