What is the best way to educate people about environmental stewardship?



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    The best and most important means of educating people about environmental stewardship is teaching by example. For the issues that are more complex, there are numerous resources available to help people understand the importance of stewardship. A good place to start is the EPA’s page on the subject: http://www.epa.gov/stewardship/

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    There is not only one best way to educate people about environmental stewardship, as people respond to different approaches depending on many factors. However, people tend to receive information best when they feel it relates to them, or affects them directly.

    Depending on the issues that you wish to focus on, (i.e. recycling, composting, energy reduction, fuel emissions etc.) know your audience, and think about the ways that each person might be able to slightly alter their regular actions. Most people do not wish to be overwhelmed and also (in general) like to feel that any effort they make will have an impact on the issue at hand.

    Try presenting your topic along with some simple steps for action. 

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    I agree with eloiselk that it is important not to be heavyhanded when promoting environmental stewardship. Making people feel guilty makes them associate the whole topic with discomfort.

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