What is the best way to cook your food on a camping trip?



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    Cooking with a propane/butane camp stove has become the method of choice for most back country travelers and tourists. This method is clean and leaves no trace on the surrounding ecosystem. On the other hand, it increases our reliance on imported #2 fuel, a non-renewable resource, and often times involves canisters that are non-recyclable.

    Cooking over an open fire creates smoke which can be harmful to humans, and has a greater physical impact on the campsite. Burning dry, felled wood is a good way to avoid negative health impacts, and removing all trace of the fire circle will ensure the sustainability of the landscape for future travelers. It is also important to constantly monitor the fire so it doesn’t burn out of control.

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          There are a lot of cookbooks and websites about camp cooking. If you end up making a campfire, make sure you follow safety guidelines to prevent forest fires.

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