What is the best way to compost?



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    “Best” is tough to say — on the individual level, it depends on the composter’s lifestyle, and on the overall procedural level, technology is still quite in flux. Here are some short pieces that have attempted to adress your question:




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    There are a lot of different factors effecting how you can compost. For example, the best way for a family living in a rural area to compost will be different than, say, an urban restaurant looking to compost their food waste. Attached is a list of different composting methods for an individual, so my recommendation would be to try things out and see what best fits your needs and lifestyle.

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    One really fun and easy way to compost is to start a worm farm.  This works especially well for people who live in cities with small yards or an apartment with no yard at all.  Worm farms are a big crowd pleaser with the kids, too and a fun, educational activity a family can do together. For more information, view the attached citation on how to get started.  

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