What is the best way to clear lactic acid from the muscles?



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    Lactic Acid is not necessarily a bad thing. It has been an accepted myth, pervasive in society, that lactic acid causes muscle soreness. In fact studies show it does not. Lactic acid is actually converted by the muscles into energy and not just a waste product as originally thought (See NY Times article in first URL below).

    So if your asking the best way to prevent soreness then you should drink lots of fluids, eat lots of protein and stretch both before and after your workout extensively (tips in the second website below).

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    After an intense workout, do some light stretching, easy movements and muscle massaging to increase blood flow and speed up the transfer of lactic acid from the muscles to the liver (where it is processed). However, the best way to clear lactic acid is to actually use it during your workout. Read http://www.delano.k12.mn.us/sitepages/pid1817.php to understand more about how lactic acid is formed and how it helps your workout.

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    Proper warm-ups and cool-downs will help with easing lactic acid build-up. This includes some light stretching and warming up in the beginning of a workout followed again by some light stretching and a slow wind down from the workout. With these two steps, it should significantly clear a lot of the acidic build-up that is a result from a vigorous work out.

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    Stretching is a good immediate thing to do.  It’ll keep it from building up in any one place.  However, the best thing is simply rest.  Give your body plenty of time to recover before pushing it more.

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