What is the best way to clean a reusable water bottle?



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    I wash mine with warm water and soap regularly. Then every once in a while I will boil it to kill any bacteria. I use a stainless steel Klean Kanteen. For a plastic water bottle, I don’t recommend boiling them, but you can wash many in a dishwasher. It really depends on what kind of reusable water bottle you have. It also helps to have a bottle washing scrubbing tool, that can get down to the bottom. I’ve linked to one. You can find them at grocery stores and walmart.

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    Good question. It’s really important to clean your water bottle, as bacteria and fungi can build up. As a tip, the best kind of water bottle to buy is stainless steel versus water bottles as they are easier to clean (plus they are stronger). Now to clean it the best ingredients to use are soap and warm water – or use vinegar instead of soap. Check out Skweet as well. It’s actually a sport water bottle wash so if you are skeptical how well soap and water can get rid of the bacteria go with Skweet. Another great way is to use a bottle brush, I recommend geting them online for cheaper. Hope that helped and great job on using reusable water bottles.

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