what is the best way to clean old tyres for playground use



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    I’d like to start by saying it would be best for you to check with the regulations in your area, which may have specific guidelines for what materials you can use and how they must be treated before coming in contact with children. Tires come in counter with a lot chemicals and germs, and I’m not sure they would be safe for playground use as a tire swing. That said, I would use a pressure washer with soap to get all of the grit out of the car and I would also make sure it had plenty of time to air before it came in contact with children.

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    I agree with the previous answer about checking with regulations about the chemicals that the tires come in contact with. If you clean in very well then you should not have a problem. Soap and water are my best guess as how to clean a tire. It has always worked for me when I clean the tires of my car while washing it. A pressure washer will make it easier, but a regular hose would do the job just fine. We had old tires affixed to the ground at our school’s playground and always had a lot of fun with them. It is a great way to recycle old tires.

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