What is the best way to build a composter in your back yard?



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    The simplest method is to just designate a space in your yard for compost and pile it there. A step up from this, is to have 2 or 3 piles, one that you add new materials to, one that is composting, and one that is complete and you can use in your garden.

    If you would like to contain the compost, you could build a bin(s) from a combination of wood and wire mesh. Here is a website that offers some plans for a variety of simple compost bins (http://www.co.pierce.wa.us/pc/services/home/environ/waste/recycle/compost/compostbins.htm). Good Luck composting.

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    There are number of different methods for composting–heaps (which require no construction), holding units, turning bins, and worm composting. The easiest holding unit to construct is the chicken wire mesh unit, which simply contains the compost. A fence holding unit is more complex to build, and sturdier, but harder to move the compost from. Turning units (which may have three or more bins) are far more complex and require more work. Worm composting bins are basically large trunks with lids on them, so you dump the food in and let the worms do all the work. Depending on how much work you want to put into constructing your compost bin, the time and money it costs will vary.

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         If you don’t want to build your own, some towns and cities sell outdoor compost bins at subsidized rates. Check with your local sanitation department to see if your town does this. 

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    One of the cheapest ways is to make a tube of kennel wire.  You can get a length of 2-3 inch kennel wire and attach the two ends together with wire or twine.  Then you are ready to go!  You don’t really need a lid or bottom to your compost bin, just be sure to cover any exposed food with several inches of dead leaves, straw or a similar material.  The kennel wire tube also makes your pile easy to turn, as you can shimmy the tube off your pile, set it next to the pile, then pitchfork your pile into the new spot.  Easy! 

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