What is the best water saving device that we can put in our home?



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    I would say either a low flow showerhead or a low flush toilet. Depending on the type of water efficient shower head you use you could use up to 40% less water than you would with a regular shower head!

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    It would depend on how each individual uses their water the most.  Nadeged’s suggestion is probably the best for the average household.  Personally, I have a lot of plants and living in the desert they need continual water (that’s my mistake for moving here with non-native plants…they are indoors though so not invasive! just resource-intensive) So the best water-saving device would be something where I can capture water and recycle it to extend its use.  For people who live in more humid areas, they can install contraptions that capture rainwater. The website below has great DIY ideas. 

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    Another factor is a persons’ consumption of bottled water.  By using a home filtration system (or one of those filters with the pitcher or mounted on a faucet) instead of purchasing bottled water, you can save vast amounts of water simply because you are cutting out the production and transportation cost of creating the bottle in the first place, which is often a resource intensive process and often consumes water for industrial purposes as a result. 

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