What is the best type of toilet bowl cleaner?



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    Green Works makes a natural dermatologist-tested toilet bowl cleaner that cleans with the power you’d expect from Clorox.

    Earth Friendly and Naturally Yours also makes drain cleaners that use enzymes, rather than caustic chemicals, to dissolve obstructions.

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    The best type of toilet bowl cleaner is one you can make yourself! Mix together a 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar. Pour it into the toilet bowl and use a toilet scrub brush to clean the toilet bowl. Flush the toilet to rinse when you are done. This a non-toxic way to clean your toilet!

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    Method also makes a non-toxic, naturally-derived, and biodegradable toilet cleaner.  It got 4.5 stars at Amazon.com.  I’ve seen the brand at Target, but it is also available online.

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