What is the best type of renewable energy in Ireland?



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    There is no “best”. That is too subjective. It could be the cheapest to install, the easiest to make abundantly, the one that has the best return, the one that generates the most electricity. Almost certainly, those 4 (and many others) will not be the same one.

    For example, hydropower, which requires dams and reservoirs, might be the most environmentally friendly type. It would also be very ineffiecient and expensive in Ireland, as there are insufficient deep mountain valleys where such reservoirs could be build. Solar, which might be easy to install, would be silly to do given how cloudy Ireland is.

    There is no answer possible for this question.

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    I suggest you look to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEA) document about Ireland’s energy related goals. It looks like wind energy will be a prominent component of their renewable energy plan. Knowing that Ireland is a rather windy country with wide, open plains and valleys, wind energy makes sense; however, I’m reluctant to say it is the best.

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