What is the best type of rainwater recycling system?



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    The best type is whatever works for you! If you have the money and the time, you could install a fancy system with a built in filter. If you just want a cheap and quick method, you could just put a barrel under your downspout and collect the runoff from your gutters. Others will go as far as to install tanks underground. Whatever method you go with, just make sure that you collect our rainwater in an area with good drainage. A friend of mine had her barrel just sitting on the ground next to her house, and a good downpour caused a huge muddy mess. Also make sure you check with your local city officials, as there are places where it is illegal to collect rainwater. Remember, rain water is not safe for human consumption, and can sometimes contain chemicals if you are collecting it from a roof with composition roofing. Good Luck. 

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