What is the best type of public transportation?



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    It’s hard to pinpoint the best type of public transportation, it depends on what type fits your needs and goals.  Public transportation is beneficial to the environment because it prevents individual drivers and their cars from emitting pollution.  Even public transportation systems are being renovated to become more green.  The notorious polluting double decker buses in London are being converted into hybrids, with an electric motor and diesel engine.  New York City is changing their entire system to be more energy efficient by using LED lights and incandescent lamps.

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    The above is true, but as far as immediate things to do now (if it is available to you) is to take electric rail transit (light rail, subway, the Chicago L, something that runs off electricity)  This is because with electricity you have the ability to take it completely off the grid with alternative energy sources.  However with busses (even though a lot are hybrid) they still need a lot of oil.  So something electric just because there is the chance that part of it is being rain off of alternative energy sources. 

    But really, it is good that you are trying mass transit at all, we need more people in this country to use any kind period. 

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    According to the US Transportation Energy Data Book, in 2006 the Vanpool was the most efficient public transportation available (0.867 Megajoule / passenger kilometer). Efficient hybrids are next (1.088 Megajoule / passenger kilometer), motorcycles are third (1.215 Megajoule / passenger kilometer) and intercity trains (1.737 Megajoule / passenger kilometer). 

    Air travel needs 2.138 Megajoule / passenger kilometer, while cars need 2.302 Megajoule / passenger kilometer.

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