What is the best type of counter top material if I want to help the environment but have a nice countertop?



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    Are there a few different types of eco-friendly materials to choose from:

    • Recycled glass – made of glass pieces mixed with cement


    • Recycled paper – made of recycled paper in a resin base


    • End-grain bamboo – block of end grain bamboo, glued into pannels


    • Sustainable wood – butcher block countertops made or recycled/reclaimed wood


    • Recycled aluminum

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    I’m not sure about the most eco friendly, but I found that recycled glass is an excellent choice and has many different varieties to choose from. I found a company called Vetrazzo. It is a company that was started in 1996 by a glass scientist who was working on his PhD. The company has grown and has beautiful counter tops. The Vetrazzo company is a member of the United States Green Building Council and is working toward a sustainable system.


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    IceStone and EnviroGLAS are two companies that manufacture a “gorgeous composite material made of chips of glass embedded in concrete.” The glass is 3/4 recycled, and there are numerous color choices. Price ranges are comparable to mid-to-high quality granite. Check out the article below for more green kitchen remodeling ideas.

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