What is the best type of boat for the environment?



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    Well, a sailboat would be one of the most eco-friendly, seeing how it relies solely on wind for propulsion. Any boat that is powered by human power (like a rowboat or a canoe) is en eco-friendly choice. The most eco-friendly design is probably a canoe, with its very simple structure and method of propulsion. There are also more eco-friendly motor boats coming out that use less fuel, and even solar-powered models.

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    Yes, sail boats are probably the most eco-friendly when built from natural or recyclable materials. Some boats are experimenting with kites as well, making them use areound 10-30% less fuel, these are not the most efficient but if every boat adapted these kites it would save huge amounts of fuel.

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    Most sail boats still have motors to get them started, plus sail boats are larger than paddle boats, which means it requires more materials to make it.  A simple row boat would be best.  Put those arms to work! 

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    I agree with keithplya9. While sail boats mostly rely on wind, they do tend to have motors. Any boat that is self-powered is probably your best bet. Kayaks, rowboats, and canoes are all great options and they are great exercise as well. However, if you are really wanting to do motor boating, there are ways to make your boat more eco-friendly. One of the best ways to keep your boat in good condition and make sure you check for things like oil leaks. Plan your route in advance so you know where you’re going, minimize your time spent idling in the water, and avoid using a motor in shallow water. Using a motor is shallow water can disrupt habitat and and plants on the bottom.

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