What is the best type of bird to have as a pet for kids?



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    Birds can be a very big responsibility. I recommend researching birds thoroughly before deciding on buying one as a pet. Most birds need a lot of daily attention or can exhibit self-destructive behavior. In addition, some bird species can live over 80 years! Some recommended bird species for children are:

    1. Finches require minimal care, are beautiful, and have lovely voices. They are not the best type of bird to get if your children want to have a bird to hold and handle, however. 

    2. Parakeets or Budgies are much more sociable and can be held. They can also learn to mimic whistles and talk. They are smaller birds and you can easily keep more than one together. They can bond well with owners, especially if you get them at a young age.

    3. Cockatiels require the most work out of the three recommended species. They can learn to do tricks, talk, whistle, and sing. They need to have more space and freedom to fly or move around out of their cages. These birds are suggested for older children that can stay devoted to their pet.

    Keep in mind that it is nice to let any bird species out of its cage to move around and fly (finches may be more difficult to let out and get back in!). Even if a bird can fit in a smaller cage, they should have an area where they can exercise. One common complaint from people that get birds as pets are the noises birds make. Birds can cry and make a lot of loud noises, especially if they do not get the attention they desire. Birds can also be wonderful companions and are very intelligent. I suggest doing some additional research to determine which kind of bird is best suited for your family and the level of attention you would like to provide.

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    I say get some chickens!!! My cousins had chickens, and when my family stayed at their house I was always so excited about collecting the eggs in the morning. I bugged my parents about getting chickens several times, but we already had a dog and a cat, so the answer was “no.” I finally got my chickens two years ago. My boyfriend and I raised them together since they were little chicks, and we love them. They also provide manure for our garden.

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