What is the best type of bean to eat for nutrition?



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    One of the most nutritious beans out there is the Lima bean. They are full of fiber and other nutritional goodies which help lower cholesterol and blood sugar. 

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    There are many different beans, and you may react to them all differently. Beans all contain fiber and protein, making them healthy choices. Navy beans, kidney beans and lima beans make excellent choices. If you like soy products, edamame is a good option.

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    The website World’s Healthiest Foods includes black beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, Lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, and soybeans on their list.  Not on the list is the mung bean, or munggo bean, which is commonly found in Asian and Indian cuisine.  The bean contains high levels of vitamin C, and even retains most of it after being boiled.  Mung beans are also 25% pure protein, which is very high when compared to other beans.  More can be read about this uncommonly heard of type of bean through the link below.

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