What is the best type of airplane for the environment?



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    It hasn’t been released yet, but the British airline EasyJet has announced plans for an environmentally friendly jet, which will be 25 percent quieter, emit 50 percent less carbon dioxide, and 75 percent less nitrous oxide. The jet could be built by 2015.

    In terms of environmentally friendly airlines, Nature Airlines (Costa Rica’s national airline) has been ranked as one of the greenest in the world. The airline engages passengers in a carbon offset scheme and is committed to fuel reduction and efficiency. Nature Airlines hopes to be climate neutral by 2021.

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    According to wired.com (see link below), the greenest aircraft is the Quasar Light, made by Quasar Aircraft.  At only 500lbs, this plane can make it from Florida to California on only 40 gallons of fuel!  It seats two 350lb passengers and goes about 130 mph.  The aircraft costs $99,000.

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    Are we talking about the most eco-friendly commerical jets or any type of plane (gliders, etc.)? 

    As far as commercial liners go, Boeing has tagged it’s 787 Dreamliner as the most environmentally friendly plane in the world.  The plane sports more cargo capacity while still traveling at similar speeds as other jets, all with 20% less fuel consumption.  Boeing is also working in conjunction with NASA and Lockheed Martin to develop a hybrid airplane that could use 70 to 90% less fuel. 

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