What is the best tree to plant to help clean the air?



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    For the indoors, tropical plants are very efficient at removing indoor pollutants. Palm trees are particularly effective.

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    When planting outside, there are a few varieties of trees that are great at offsetting carbon emissions and reducing pollution. Of course, how well they do depends greatly on where they’re located. These trees offset carbon dioxide best when planted in the appropriate climate! When they’re not planted in the appropriate region, they actually require more upkeep and can ultimately harm the environment.

    “Common Horse-chestnut, Black Walnut, American Sweetgum, Ponderosa Pine, Red Pine, White Pine, London Plane, Hispaniolan Pine, Douglas Fir, Scarlet Oak, Red Oak, Virginia Live Oak and Bald Cypress” are cited by US Forest Service researcher Dan Nowak as being especially good at offsetting emissions and cleaning the air.

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