What is the best tourist place in the world?

At first glance, the Forbes Traveler 50 Most Visited Attractions List confirms several tourist industry truisms: A) Americans love to travel, but they prefer to stick within their own borders. B) Wherever Mickey Mouse goes, he conquers. C) Paris is the unofficial cultural theme park of the world. And D) Niagara Falls isn’t just for lovers anymore.
But the list also contains several surprises. Since the Taj Mahal—our fiftieth and final attraction—receives 2.4 million visitors a year, several popular favorites like the Prado (2 million), the Uffizi (1.6 million), Angkor (1.5 million) and Stonehenge (850,000) didn’t make the cut. And while Western audiences may not be familiar with names like Ever land and Lotto World, these South Korean mega-parks managed to rank 16th and 22nd on our list, respectively.

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    What is your question?

    The favorite place I have ever traveled is Turkey.  It was part of many ancient empires and is stacked in history – not to mention the excellent food!

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    the French are out in force. How to account for the preponderance of attractions
    Paris? According to the latest statistics
    report from the World Tourism Organization, France receives more foreign
    tourists per year than any other country — some 76 million in 2005. Spain
    followed with 55 million, the United States with 50 million and China with 47
    million. Italy rounded out the top five with 37 million (with the U.K. not far

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