what is the best tip for conserving gas when I drive?



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    Although the best way to conserve gasoline is to carpool, walk, bike, or take public transportation, sometimes you just have to drive. And when those times come, you can still drive “green” by following a few simple tips. First, drive slowly. Although it might feel great to put the pedal to the metal, you save more money when you drive at a slower rate of speed. Second, keep your car updated on maintenance, which can help you get better gas mileage. Finally, make sure your tires are inflated properly. When you drive on tires that are not wholly inflated, you tend to get fewer miles to the gallon. If you do these things, and take other steps like insuring that you don’t carry extra weight and starting and stopping smoother, you’ll be able to do your part for the environment even when you have to drive–and you’ll save some money too!

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