What is the best time to plant Tomatoes?



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    It depends on several factors (mostly the type of tomato, the soil you’re working with, and your specific climate). However, generally the best time to plant is about six to eight weeks after the last frost (typically from mid-May to early June).

    It’s a good idea to ask the nursery where your tomato plant/seedling/seeds come from to clarify the best time for your specific plant/climate situation.

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    Tomatoes are pretty sensitive to frost, so the best time is when the weather warms up. Soil temperature and air temperature are both important. Any air temperatures below 57 degrees will slow down the growth of the plant. If the soil temperature gets below 50 as well, it could end up hurting the plant as well. 

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    The best time to plant your tomatoes is when the temperature is between 75 and 95 degrees. If the temperature is below 57 degrees, it will actually slow growth and encourage disease. Tomato seeds transplant well, so it might even be worth it to start growing them indoors where you can control the humidity and the temperature of the air. For more information, refer to the citation provided.

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    About 3 months before you’re ready to eat them.

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