What is the best thing that you have done to help the earth?



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    Me personally? Well, although I do not always travel with alternative means of transportation (I drive to work because I work in Philly and live 30 miles away and there are no decent bike paths that could get me up there…) I have taken it upon myself to travel by alternative means whenever possible.  On at least 50 separate occasions, when I lived in Newark, DE and attended the University of Delaware, I saw to it that I got to class (or the Acme on Elkton Road) on my bike! I cut down on carbon emissions (and actual travel time, as once I beat a friend of mine to class because he couldn’t find a parking spot and I just rode right up to memorial hall and put my bike lock on, and walked inside). I have done thousands of little things, and I feel like they all add up somewhat. I also drive now as eco-friendly as possible (I know that is a bit of an oxymoron, but I do try to limit my speeds and coast whenever possible [I drive a manual transmission car — and I am in neutral more often than your average driver!])… I try to not use the garage door opener if I don’t have to — I walk out the side door of my house even if my car is parked in the drive way.  I recycle. I compost things. I turn off lights when I’m not using them. Much more to come on this topic from me, as I sincerely hope to change the world and spread more awareness of easy ways to do things in an environmentally responsible manner (so as not TO DESTROY the earth)! One thing I wish I could say I have done more of is CREATING a clean earth — I need to plant like 100 or more trees — Johnny Appleseed style, because I know I have created TONS of CO2 in my driving habits. Oh yeah, and when I flew to california over the summer, my fiancee and I bought carbon offsets (16 bucks to help the ecosystem). And I always turn in my Tropicana Orange Juice Cool-Earth Points — in total I have protected 500 square feet of rainforest (although I don’t even know if that is true or not; just what the company and the partnership claims). I also wrote this article on recycling… second link

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    Dumpster dived to separate recyclables. Did this every week for two years in high school.

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    I think I do the basics, recycle and reuse, walk when I don’t have to drive, public transportation when I can, turning things off when they aren’t in use… I have my LEED accrediation too, so eventually that will impact building design. I donate old clothing instead of throwing them away… I think the most important thing is not only to do these things, but to make sure to educate other people about them too, which I will obnoxiously do in conversation, invited to or not! Bravo to the person above me for their dumpster diving efforts!

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    The best thing that I do to help the environment is to rely entirely on public transit when I am at school, and to not eat red meat.  Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and raising livestock are two of the largest contributors to global warming.  I feel that I am doing my part to help the environment when I do these things.

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