What is the best thing that you have done for the environment?


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    I do not own a car. For the most part, I walk, take the train, or ride the bus to get around. I belong to Zipcar, a car sharing program. I rent hybrid cars by the hour every week or two for running errands.

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    The best thing that I have done is to realize that appreciating the environment was not enough to protect it.  Once I realized that every effort, even from one person, is important to protecting the natural world that I love, I felt more inspired and empowered to make a difference.  By educating myself and connecting with others I have learned all the ways that I can make a difference and I feel that it really began with that one realization that everyone’s actions matter and we can solve problems if we try.

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    The best thing I have done for the environment is learn what chemicals I was unknowlingly destroying the environment with.  I went through and completely revamped everything, from my shampoo, to my makeup, to my foods.  All of the harmful chemicals and pesticides destroy the environment and are not very often thought of with all the talk about global warming.  We must be the change we wish to see in the world!

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    I have been working to develop a facility in Panama that will protect the local cloud forest (and also local culture and history) through research, education, and global outreach. We are employing the impoverished local people so they will finally have sustainable, conservation-oriented employment.

    Obviously this is a very difficult time to fundraise and attract visitors because of the economic situation. The project has lead to a lot of sacrifice, but it is sooo worth it to start to see conservation for the area cloud forests and all of the amazing plants and animals. We have a long way to go, but I am determined to see the project through and continue to protect the planet.

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    The best thing I have done for the environment is to educate myself on the issues and stay politically active.  This may seem small, but it has led to a lot of changes in my life — I recycle, don’t take trips on planes, and try to walk/bike as much as I can among other things.  I feel like as a society, we need to become more informed about the environment to make good decisions in the voting booth and in life.  

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    Um, um, um, um, um, um!  I have changed peoples minds to higher expectations above mere acceptance of the inevitability of pollution, death, and extinction.  That’s the best thing I have done in my life.  How?  I devised a concept for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow to dramatize our stewardship of our planet and it’s fragile ecology.  I thought of a world without internal combustion engines:  Gattaca.  So such a thing is possible.  Plus, I dreamed up an alien world where heros can live peaceably with nature and seek & accept the help of the environment in winning a world war:  Avatar.  I’ve made some friends and their friends rich, so they let me play with stories like these:  

    Poems for DeadPoetsSociety &sax solo, lyrics for “Light&Day” Spotless Mind
    Filming Star Wars was my idea
    Stories,characters,speeches & concepts (as TheForce,TheJedi,TheCode)AFewGoodMen,Aladdin,Alexander,AmericanBeauty, AmericanPresident,Apocalypto,Armageddon,AustinPowers,Avatar,TheAviator, BacktotheFuture, Bandits,Batman,BeautifulMind,BenjaminButton,BigFish,BigLabowski,BourneIdentity(myhandprint), Braveheart,ABronxTale,BruceAlmighty,CastAway,CatchMeifYouCan,CharlieandtheChocolateFactory, ChroniclesofNarnia,CityofAngels,CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon,DaVinciCode,TheDayAfterTomorrow, DeepImpact,Elf,EnemyoftheState,EternalSunshineoftheSpotlessMind,FindingNemo,ForrestGump, GalaxyQuest,Gattaca,Gladiator,GreenMile,GoodWillHunting,Hellboy,Hook,Identity,IndependenceDay, IngloriousBasterds,IRobot,TheIsland,Jaws(styrofoamcup),JourneytotheCenteroftheEarth,Juno, LemonySnicket,LOR,LostinTranslation,TheMask,TheMatrix,MeettheParents,TheMexican,MinorityReport, Munich,MysticRiver,MysticPizza,NationalTreasure,NeverBeenKissed,NightattheMuseum, PassionoftheChrist,ThePatriot,PiratesoftheCaribbean,PrincessFrog,RaidersoftheLostArk, RemembertheTitans,RoadtoPerdition,RunawayBride, SavingPrivateRyan,Schindler’sList,ShawshankRedeption,Shrek,Signs,SimpsonsMovie, 6thSense,SleepyHollow,SomethingAboutMary,SpaceCowboys,Spiderman,TheTerminal,300,Titanic, Troy,TrumanShow,Unbreakable,VforVendetta,VanillaSky,TheVillage,WagtheDog,WaroftheWorlds, WeddingCrashers,WhatWomenWant,WhatLiesBeneath,WildWildWest.MorningEdition,Simpsons, TheVisitor,JAG,TouchedbyanAngel,Bones,Justice,House,Lost,Numbers,Kings,Fringe

    wrote: OF LOVE B0030MIG24 Hillary’s Angel B002TSB0ZU 
    Invented the concepts of “Inclusive” and “Inclusive Democracy”
    Proposed mec. drug trials ($100-200 million/yr to USF), LightsOnTampa! Floating Riverwalk WaterTaxi Crosstown Xway bridge to StPete w/rail link&airport for MacDillAFB. 
    Found pheromone cure for crime, addiction & perversion
    Proposed GA’s HOPE ScholarshipProgram (BrightFutures).

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    Plant a second rain garden on my property to capture and filter the street run off.

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    I started composting a few years ago and I love it. I not only help out the environment, but I also get incredible fertilizer that I use in my garden. 

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    I have helped the environment by becoming active in my local community and volunteering with various grass-roots organization. There are many organization in your local area that want to desperately make a positive impact on the environment, the only thing they lack is man-power. We can accomplish far more if we work towards accomplishing goals together rather than as individuals. 

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    The best thing I have done for the environment it riding my bike as much as I can. Especially when the weather in New York City is nice, it’s such a nice time to ride my bike when I’m going somewhere, instead of taking my car. 

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    The best thing I am doing for the environment is staying aware. I realize that just about everything I do has an effect on the environment, whether it be a positive or negative effect. I try to reduce my negative effects by reusing and recycling, and by walking and using public transportation when I can. Also (I’ve said this before) taking responsibility for not only yourself but others, even others you don’t know personally has a HUGE effect- because it shows people that this the mentality we must adopt if we want to preserve the environment. What I mean is, I sometimes see people litter or throw away recyclable materials, and I will either say something or fix the problem myself. Some don’t see the state of the environment as their problem and they don’t care; being an environmentalist means picking up the slack of these lazy people… and hopefully inspiring others to do so as well. 

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    I think the best thing I’ve done for the environment is move to New York City. City dwellers have less of a carbon footprint than their suburban counterparts. I actually discussed this in a blog of mine. I pretty much completely rely on public transportation or my bike. Recently, my roommate and I adopted guinea pigs from a shelter. While the adoption may not reduce any negative impact I have on the environment, we’re giving these animals a loving home. I think that’s really important, for they are apart of our environment, apart of our world.

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    My favorite thing I have done for the environment was build a wet land with my middle school environmental club.  Wetlands are really in danger of being developed over, in my area, though they are crucial for our ecosystems, so it meant a lot to me to be able to create an ecosystem from scratch.

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