What is the best thing to use for a kitchen garbage bag?



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    I feel like old plastic bags work pretty well and that’s mainly what my family uses. By re-using plastic bags, you are prolonging their use rather than tossing them away immediately. Furthermore, by using something you already have, you don’t have to go out and buy specific garbage bags. If everybody stopped using garbage bags and used plastic bags instead, a lot of material would stop being used to construct garbage bags.

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    “Best” can have no single answer. Cheapest? Strongest? Easiest to find to buy? Most reusable? Most recyclable? Fits your garbage can best? Holds the most garbage?

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      I meant best as In best for the environment. I have seen the pictures of animals stuck in or choking on plastic bags (so if I have to throw one away I cut the handles same with the rings from 6 packs) so I don’t use the plastic. Ive been using the paper grocery sacs but I would like to bring my own cloth bags to the grocery store so maybe buying the baobabs is the best answer. I like that they feed nutrients to the enzymes that brake down garbage in the land fill. Thanks for all the answers.

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    In Seoul, Korea people are doing the opposite of phillius’ suggestion by using their garbage bags as plastic bags for groceries.  These bags are issued by the city council and contain specific instructions for use (and re-use).  A good alternative to plastic altogether would be to use biodegradable trash bags, which decompose into nutrients for the microrganisms that help break down trash in our landfills.

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    Similar to phillius, I use old paper grocery bags. They hold more garbage than plastic. I also use the paper bags for the recycling. Then, when it is time to recycle, I simply throw the entire thing into the recycling dumpster. 

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    If you simply want a more “green” form of plastic garbage bags, Seventh Generation products are made with some recycled plastic content and Natural Value bags are biodegradable.

    You can also try Kissa’s Antibacterial Pail Liners. They are typically used to dispose of diapers but can be an alternative use for trash liners.

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    What my family does is that we use the plastic bags, or the paper bags from the grocery store. Then we have a separate can for compost. Once it gets full I either put it in a hole I have dug up in the garden or one can put it in the woods, or dig a small hole somewhere in your yard, and put it there. This makes your trash take up less space in your landfill, and it makes the soil better in your own yard, especially for the various critters in your soil.

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    Like mercurycommunication, I simply reuse paper grocery bags for trash because they are biodegradable, and it serves to reuse something that I already have. I buy BioBag biodegradable bags made from corn for my kitchen compost container, and they make tall kitchen bags as well.

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