What is the best thing that internet has done for the environment?



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    I think one of the best things that the internet has done for the environment has been allowing people from all over the globe to communicate. The communication that has opened has allowed a huge social movement to take place across the globe, not just in one area. People across the globe have been able to work togehter to solve environmental problems like global climate change. That is an issue that usually only politicians would discuss internationally, but now civilian citizens can too.

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    Totally agree with lkp360. The internet has brought to together so many people and communities, and helped bring environmental issues into the forefront of global conversation. These issues are ones that every person all over the world should be concerned about, regardless of faith, race, gender, socioeconomic standing, whatever. 350.org is a great example of the power of the internet to bring ideas together and inspire action in addressing environmental issues. 

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    Well, In a way the internet has done everything ikp360 and edmccoy11 have said as well as kept people from going out and causing further devastation. For examples, the internet is a basis for which people are able to search up anything they may ever have a question to and thus are able to consume information in a matter of seconds, rather than having to see in their surroundings suspicions or inquiries that they may have without first searching up for evidence to back up their claim. For example, back in the middle ages the technology that exists now did not back then so they condemned people as being witches because in that small area, they were surrounded by like-minded people so they all were set in the belief that witches existed. Given the medium of the internet, we are now more educated from that type of thing, of course, people are subject to their own convictions, but with the myriad of opinions circulating the internet like an ant infestation, it is improbable for that to be the case.

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    Might I add, that with the growth and popularity of the Internet, more newspapers are going online, effectively cutting down on paper usage.

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    Yes, edgarl23, fewer newspapers are being printed, but far more computers and e-waste exist, too.

    I’m going to throw in another obvious answer: create awareness. For example, just from this website I get tons of information I would never have known. Even though some information on the site is slightly skewed or incorrect, the website is still valuable in creating dialogue and sharing opinions. In addition, the internet is a great way in which to send out petitions and notify people of legislative changes.

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    i agree with lpk360 the best thing the internet has done is helped us open up an international discussion about the current environmental issues. The internet allows us to reach those that would have not been possible in the past. It gives us a greater sense of unity that what is happening in the world is our problem and we must work together to fix it.

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