What is the best thing I can do with the leafs that fall from my trees?



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    The best thing that you can do for the environment with leaves is to make a compost – and it’s easy and free. Composted leaves contain leaf mold, which has high amounts of calcium and magnesium. These are both important to healthy plant growth. When added to garden soil, leaf mold also helps young plants stay hydrated, as they retain moisture. Check out the website below for directions on how to create a compost.

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    Rake them all up and put them under the tree, they will prove to be the best possible compost for the trees and will make the soil rich, causing the trees to be more productive. It will also help against erosion from water and wind, stop the ground from drying up and protect against weeds. The leaves can also be used as mulch if you have a garden.

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    Shredded or chopped leaves are great mulch around trees, shrubs and perennials. A lawn mower with a bag attached is an easy way to chop and pick up leaves simultaneously. The smaller the leaves, or any plant materials are, the faster they will decompose. And in the spring and summer, grass clippings can be mixed with leaves to speed breakdown.

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