What is the best thing to do with a rattlesnake if its in my yard?



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    It’s best not to do anything to the snake unless you know it’s not poisonous. It’s best to leave them alone, because they won’t attack if they’re unprovoked. If you want to get rid of them, however, you should call a professional to catch it and remove it. You can also use your own personal traps, or repellant, to get rid of the snake and prevent other snakes from coming on your property. Refer to the website that’s cited for more information.

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    Rattlesnakes are poisonous, so it is important that you exercise extreme caution should you find one in your yard. You should first make sure you know where all people and pets are, and keep everyone away from the snake. It will most likely not pose a threat if left alone; therefore no one should try to catch or handle the snake on their own. Call 911 to have a professional come to remove the snake, and make sure to not disturb the snake until someone arrives.

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