What is the best thing to do to conserve water and electricity?



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    To conserve water:

    1. Install aerator in all sink faucets
    2. low flush toilets
    3. water saving shower heads
    4. only use dishwasher with full loads
    5. front loading washing machines
    6. recycle your greywater
    7. collect rainwater and use that to water lawn/garden
    8. don’t leave faucet running when brushing teeth or washing dishes


    To conserve electricity:

    1. Use powerstrip and turn off appliances/electronics when not using them. 
    2. shut down computer when not in use. screen saver does not save electricity.
    3. use solar power phone/ipod chargers
    4. CFL or LED light bulbs
    5. solar landscaping lights
    6. buy green electricity
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