What is the best thing that a college student can do for the environment?



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    If you live on campus, that should drastically reduce the amount of driving that you do, which is obviously better for the environment. If you commute to school, try taking mass transit if it is available. Also, see if your college has any environmental committees and how you can help or join them.

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    See the following previously answered question from GreenAnswers: http://greenanswers.com/q/70650/sustainable-living/lifestyle/besides-recycling-what-can-i-do-help-enviro

    And adding to those comments, I think it’s important to be aware of the multitude of options that you have to being environmentally conscious. It doesn’t always have to be a major lifestyle change. Things like switching to energy star bulbs, using reusable water bottles and unplugging electronics appliances that you are not using are easy and effective.

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    Take courses on Environmental Studies!  Use the privileges of the college atmosphere to learn about the issues, the science, the possibilities.  Overseas trips can be eye-opening, see a previous question here, but overall, I think the best thing college students can do for the environment is utilize the resources they have right in front of them.  Attend environmental speakers, classes, clubs, field work, and ask questions of professors and advisers as to where a college student and their interests might best be steered.

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    I would say in addition to cutting down on driving (if applicable), remembering to recycle your old papers and unplugging your laptop when you’re not using it are both very environmentally beneficial. There was actually a Green Answers blog post on the energy “vampire” or sleeping devices consume, and the amount of energy you can save by unplugging them (see here). There was also a Green Answers post on co-ops on campus, and how eating more healthily can help the environment (see here).

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    Go to the Goodwill or Buffalo exchange to get great recycled clothing, you’ll have a unique style and will save money and resources.

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    I agree with Chelsea Schuyler above—take classes to educate yourself about environmental issues. I minored in environmental science and was required to take a wide number of classes that focused on the environment, from biology to ecology to conservation and ocean science. They were all really, really interesting and got me really fired up about doing what I can to help the environment. The classes also were a great way to meet other people interested in the same issues, and helped me get involved in things like the College Ecology Club and a student community garden on campus. Taking classes is a great start to helping the environment.

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