What is the best thing China is doing for the environment?



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    Probably their investment in the high-speed rail system they are building. They are going to spend 4 billion dollars on 80 amazingly fast (and green) trains (sorta a paradox huh? why do we need to be moving around so much, in such a hurry all the time anyway?). “The ZEFIRO 380 trains are both very efficient (more on that below) and very fast, and should help make transportation in China greener, especially if train trips displace plane trips.”  Check the links:  The second one claims that they are going to be investing 300 billion in this technology by the year 2020! That’s mad mad dough, for mad speed, and hopefully mad green too… I just question the need for it — isn’t 236 mph extreme (or just efficient and super cool?  I can’t decide) — to many pros and cons to weigh…. 😐

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