What is the best thing that chemistry does to help the environment?



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    Although chemistry has been harmful to the environment in some ways, it is also becoming very helpful to the environment. It is hard to say the “best” way chemistry is helping the environment, because that can be a personal opinion. However, here is a list from xperimania of ways chemstry and research has made an impact on the environment in a positiive way: Biofuels, Bioplastics, Insulation, Lightweight plastic composites, Fuel cells, New lighting technologies, Wind turbines and solar panelling.

    For more information check out: http://www.xperimania.net/ww/en/pub/xperimania/news/world_of_materials/chemistry_and_the_environment.htm

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    I’d say that chemistry allows us to see how our foreign chemicals interact with nature. By understanding the chemical reactions that occur, we can figure out how to either reverse or improve the situation. During the BP oil spill, labs were able to use chemistry to test whether or not marine species that we eat were contaminated and to what degree.

    Chemistry, like many branches of science, is a tool we can use to understand our world better. By using chemistry in the scope of environmental science, we can better understand what we are doing to our planet and how we can fix any mistakes we make.

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    Chemistry itself gives us the knowledge to see how our manmade products affect the environment and how any chemicals that leach affect us and surrounding ecosystems. Once we have the knowledge, action is carried out to implement our understanding with effective and innovative ways. Thus Chemistry is an essential catalyst for the betterment of the world. In order to ensure that the habitats we live in are working optimally, we must conduct research and studies, observations can be a first step to then carry out a strategic plan to find out the details, and those details are often at a molecular level, which Chemistry specializes in.

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