What is the best thing that any one person has done for the environment?



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    Honestly, I think it is what every person can.  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Sure, there could be one person who donates 500,000 dollars to some group or something, but the biggest impact anyone can make is by changing their own lifestyle and teaching others how to do the same. 

    Its like walking the walk, instead of talking the talk. 

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    I would think that you could include any of several actions taken by the greatest environmental President of all time…not Rosevelt (though a close second), but I would argue Richard Nixon. During his administration he signed the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the EPA. Those are actions I put at the top of the list. Good Question.

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    I think it starts with a seed of intention.  Acknowledging the greatness of the environment and developing a care to sustain it, then practice it.  There are seemingly endless ways that people can make efforts and use powers of influence but it all starts with One – One person, One act, One thought.  True commitment to a philosophy of interconnectedness and appreciation yields unsurpassable degrees of doing good things.

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