What is the best Television show for kids and the environment?



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    My personal favorite children’s television series with green themes is Sesame Street. The show lacks artificial actions like theft, physical violence, vegence or conspiracy and encourages recycling, an awareness and appreciation for the natural environment and discourages littering. Plus, the characters sing!

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    There is a TV show named Chuck the Eco Duck that focuses on teaching children about the environment, and how to be eco-friendly.  Its target audience is children between 5 and 11, and it is played exclusively on Passion for the Planet TV.  Unfortunatly, this is a network that is only available in the UK.  THe series can still be accessed on YouTube though, and proves to be a great educator for young children. 

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    When I was a kid, Captain Planet was my favorite. He and a group of kids saved the environment from polluters. 

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    I love cartoons! These are all great shows. My favorite animated movie about the environment is definitely Fern Gully. A classic with Robin Williams and Tim Curry.

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