What is the best technology to clean up an oil spill?



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    Unfortunately, there isn’t really one. That is part of the reason they are so problematic. Each oil spill is different, and there can be extra factors. In the case of the now extremely infamous BP Spill, it was actually actively leaking while they were attempting to clean it up. Which meant not only did they have to handle clean up, but deal with the source of the problem as well.

    But there are methods that can be used and maybe one of thse will seem like the best idea to you. You could just wait for it to evaporate, but that is HARDLY an option giving how wildlife are effected. Containing it and cleaning it up with skimming equipment is an option, and fairly eco friendly, but natural conditions tend to spread the oil too fast for that to work. There are chemicals that make it break up faster, but they cause harm to wildlife. A popular choice is the use of bacteria that effect the oil in a way that forces a faster form of biodegradation. In fact, it seems possible the only reason this wasn’t used in the BP incident was because the leak was constant as opposed to an actual spill.

    Naturally the best option would be to never have one in the first place, but humanity’s reliance on oil as a culture means we are better off researching better and better ways to prevent spills and more efficient methods of clean ups when they occur.

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