What is the best technique for conserving water in every day life?



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    It is very simple. Use water as needed and never in excess. Take shorter showers, try to be conservative when washing dishes, water gardens as needed, etc. Simple things like this when done collectively can effectively conserve water that we need.

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    There are two main techniques to save water in everyday life besides landscaping.

    One: By taking shorter showers you can reduce your water consumption by a lot! A pre-1992 shower head uses five gallons of water per minute.

    Second rule: If it is brown flush it down, if it is yellow let it mellow. Urine is sterile and if you close the lid the smell dissipates very quickly. There is no harm in not flushing. You can save many gallons of water by not flushing as often.

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    Two water-intensive behaviors at home include watering your lawn and washing your car. Changing your lawn to something that requires little or no water can keep it looking great with less work and be better for the environment. Taking your car to a recycled water car-wash is a better alternative to washing with the hose. Another huge water waster is leaks. Fixing all exposed leaks is very important to water conservation.

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