What is the best system we have to clean polluted water?



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    I think one of the best ways to clean our polluted waters is through better human actions.  Everyday household activities are a major contributor to polluted runoff, which is one of the most serious sources of water contamination.  Whether its human waste, fertilizer from our lawns, oil from the driveway, etc., they are all contributors to polluting the water sources on which we rely.  Some ways to help reduce polluted runoff are highlighted in this article: http://www.nrdc.org/water/pollution/gsteps.asp.

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    The system we use right now to clean oil-spilled and other industrially polluted waters is complex, employing three main steps. They involve both chemicals that can neutralize toxins, and living bacteria and other organisms that process compounds like oil into something less environmentally hazardous. The system is pretty expensive, and first requires us to pull the water out of the environment, although researchers are constantly working on ways to make it more cheap and thorough.

    I also found a pretty amazing new invention called swelling glass, which is a form of glass in a matrix that can “soak up” certain compounds. It will bind to gasoline and many other pollutants, but not to water, making it a potentially cheap and easy-to-clean-up way of removing harmful compounds from the water.

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