What is the best sustainability course you have seen or taken?



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    In my opinion, the most effective method of sustainable land use is called ‘permaculture.’ This concept is designed to utilize land for all of one’s endeavors, such as home ownership, agriculture, animal husbandry and ecological restoration, by creating scenarios in which different aspects of these seemingly different projects become compatible with each other. A good illustration of this theory would be a house, powered with solar panels or windmills, that uses a rainwater catch system to collect water; this water would be used to aid in the growth of organic crops; these crops would be used to feed herbivorous livestock, whose manure could be used as an organic fertilizer for the fields. This idea is being promoted by ecological figures all over the world, because it requires minimal start-up costs but can lead to the complete sustainability of a household. 

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    Last quarter at DePaul University, I took a class called Green Chicago.  I liked it a lot because I learned about then environment on the local level.  My teacher was very cynical about the green movement, and got me to see that concern for the environment is about more than just not using plastic bags. 

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