What is the best surface to run on?



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    Dirt Trails or grass are the best surfaces to run on because they reduce the amount of wear and tear on your body. Next, your best bet would be to run on roads less traveled-try in neighborhoods with lots of speed bumps. Avoid sidewalks at all costs when you are exercising.

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    It depends on what kind of running you’re looking to do. If it’s casual jogging/running, or for distance, then dirt or grass are the most recommended surfaces. But if you are looking to do specialized running for things like power or strength, then try running in sand, up hills, or in a swimming pool.

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    One of the worst surfaces to run on is on concrete. Concrete is very hard, and it returns all the force you hit it with directly back to you which is why running on sidewalks should be avoided. Running on sidewalks consistenly overtime will wear your body down because the body can’t take much stress repeatedly. Injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains may occur. Asphalt is usually the recommended jogging surface. It absorbs impact well, and asphalt is even so an injury isn’t as likely to occur.  Dirt is a good surface for absorbing shock from the impact on running but there are drawbacks to running on dirt. Dirt surfaces may have holes, pebbles and other things which may cause injury.

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