What is the best success story in bird conservation?



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    There have been many great successes in bird conservation, including the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and the California Condor, but I’ll have to put in my vote for the Wood Duck. Back in the late 1800s, these beautiful, shy ducks were considered bound for extinction due to over-hunting and destruction of their wetland habitats. But there was a concerted effort to stop hunting them for several decades. Today, they are not endangered at all and their populations may even be rising. Although they are still popular to hunt, this means that the wetlands they live in are being protected.

    I like this story because it shows that people don’t need a scientific background or a ton of money to be conservationists, just a genuine love for the animal and the place it lives in. It portrays hunters not as the bad guys, but as leaders in habitat conservation, which is often the case for North American wildlife preserves. Recently I was able to see some wood ducks at Mason Neck Wildlife Preserve here in Virginia, and I can confirm that they deserve their reputation as beautiful, enchanting birds.

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