What is the best source of B6?



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    Good sources of b6 include nuts, fresh vegetables, meats, and whole grain products.  Canning or freezing a product causes the amount of b6 in it to decline, and milling a grain (say, to turn it into white flour) also strips off the part of the grain that has b6, so fresh, whole foods are definitely what to choose if you’re looking for b6.  Some foods with b6 in particularly large amounts include rabbit, fish, cashews, and red and green peppers.  Check out the second citation for more!

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    Potatos, spinach, wheat bran, avocados, walnuts, and lima beans are all good sources for B6.  It is also found in certain meats, for those who aren’t vegetarian. 

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    Vitamin B6 is found in a wide variety of different foods. There is no one “best source”, but a varied diet with sufficient meat, whole grain, nuts, and vegetables will be rich in B6.

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