What is the best show on TV about the environment?



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    The best show I’ve seen is the Planet Earth series that was on the Discovery channel. I think it was an impressive series. It took five years to make and even though it was on 2007, I still watch episodes when I catch them on and am enthralled. Seeing nature in high definition was just about as close to real life as I could imagine, and it was beautifully shot and edited. This series was by the same team that created Blue Planet, which was also wonderful.

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    Indeed, the Planet Earth series was very good. An older kid’s cartoon called Captain Planet was excellent as well. The plot generally had a villain polluting the environment, and 5 superhero kids had to stop the villain. There aren’t too many environmental TV shows, so I recommend you check out environmental movies as well. There are a number of informative documentaries, not the least of which was Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Check out some of the others here: http://www.grinningplanet.com/6001/environmental-movies.htm

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