What is the best selling green app for smart phones?



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    Green Genie, a 99 cent app for the iphone and ipad is pretty popular. It  provides information on green topics and tips for making sustainable choices, and was voted #1 Green App by TechCrunch.com. There are also apps like Goodguide (Free, for android and Blackberry) which will can scan barcodes and tell you the precise environmental impact of that product.

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    Here’s Planet Green’s list of the top 7 green apps for smartphones: 

    1) Ecorio – uses GPS to track your carbon footprint

    2) 3rd Whale – search engine to find green businesses for your shopping

    3) greenMeter – tracks your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and gives tips to help you improve it

    4) Carticipate – social networking for carpooling

    5) GoodGuide – database of green product information

    6) PedNav – helps you plan performing tasks using alternate forms of transportation

    7) Locavore – database of government and NGO data about food grown in each state

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