What is the best selling car in Canada?



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    Civic remains the No. 1 passenger car in Canada; the Ford F-Series is most popular among light trucks. However, “if Hyundai could ever get their hands on enough Elantra product, they could give Honda a run for the title of best-selling passenger car, but this vehicle is hot everywhere it is sold and it is not certain that Canada could ever get enough product to fill expected demand,” according to DesRosiers.

    Early 2012 prediction: The Honda Civic will end 2012 as the best-selling passenger car for the 15th year in a row.

    DesRosiers notes than in January, the large/luxury markets were the hottest in Canada: up 35.6 per cent in a market that was up 15.4 per cent. More of the same is coming for the rest of this year. Meanwhile, small, entry-level vehicles performed at the market in January, up 16.1 per cent.

    One segment that will witness plenty of action going forward is compact SUVs. The CR-V is new, but into this mix we’re going to see a new Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape and RAV4 to name three. Look for the top 10 race among light trucks to include more compact SUVs as the new entries arrive and the established players defend their turf.

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