What is the best school to learn how to work on renewable energy?



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    The best graduate school in world for that, would probably be The School for Renewable Energy Science, in Iceland. After all Iceland is home to the greenest city in the world: Reykjavik. Iceland’s advances in renewable engery and resources is miles ahead of many other countries throughout the world. Take directly from their website they say it best: “During the course of the 20th century, Iceland changed from being among Europe‚Äôs poorest countries, dependent upon peat and imported coal for its energy, to a country with the world highest living standard, with all stationary energy and about 81% of the primary energy coming from indigenous renewable energy sources, the highest of any country.” If there is anywhere in the world to study renewable energy, it would be right in Iceland.

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    I wish my school, Binghamton University, had a renewable energy program. My major, environmental studies, has many different concenstrations like law, policy, ecosystems, etc. but it does not have a renewable energy concentration. I would definitely concentrate in that if they had a program. Renewable energy is very interesting.

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