What is the best restaurant for vegans?



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    Watercourse in Denver and Eden Alley in Kansas City are my favorite vegan restaurants. I guess it depends on where you live. In my experience, California and Colorado have the most vegan restaurants. Check out http://www.happycow.com to search for vegan restaurants in any city.

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    Ooo, I don’t know, I might challenge Denver to a vegan-restaurant-off with Portland Oregon. I’m not vegan, but I love the vegan bar called the Bye and Bye. Great atmosphere, always hoppin, and a grilled cheese (vegan cheese) to die for. There’s also the Bay Leaf restaurant, which makes good food, but needs more people to fill it, otherwise the emptiness is apparent in its echo-y high ceilings.

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    The website I have provided lists many different vegan/ vegetarian restaurants throughout the world. According to this website, Bliss (New York), Greens (San Francisco) and Millenium (San Francisco) feature some of the best vegan/ vegetarian options in the U.S. Living in Austin there are many different locations that offer great vegan/ vegetarian food. Local favorite Kerbey Lane is one of them, offering foods such as vegan pancakes, to their well-known Hippy Burger.

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    It is so hard to tell! A couple of my personal favorites is Zephyr’s in Long Beach California. I used to frequent the place and it is amazing. I recently had a friend take me to El Rancho’s in San Diego, CA, and I fell in love once again. They have a vast selection of vegan althernatives like vegan nachos and a great vegan baklava. Mmm

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