What is the best reason for becoming a vegan?



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    The best and only adequate reason I’ve ever heard for being vegan is as a means of protesting the treatment of animals by the meat industry. Large corporate agro-businesses keep livestock and chickens in tiny cages that are rarely cleaned and have little room to move and are frequently given hormones to increase production. In the case of cattle, because of the conditions and the hormones, they are often pumped full of antibiotics to prevent infections especially in their engorged udders. In the case of chickens, because of the close quarters, beaks are clipped to avoid them pecking each other.

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    There are many good reasons for becoming a vegan, from health to animal welfare. However, it is a personal decision, so there is probably not a single ‘best’ reason for becoming vegan. You just have to find the best justifications for why becoming a vegan would be beneficial to you or support your own beliefs.

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    There are many excellent reasons to consider a vegan diet.  I know people who were sold on eating vegan for completely different reasons.  The reasons range from animal ethics to health to world hunger.  Personally, I was encouraged to try veganism because of factory farming.

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    In opposition to the effect it can have on the world, becoming a vegan is a very personal choice. There are a wide range of reasons to choose such a diet, encompassing everything from personal health to global warming. Many people use veganism as a way to protest the injustices of the food industry, and the unethical treatment of animals. Veganism is a very restrictive diet, so those who chose to do so are often very passionate and very dedicated to their reasons, whatever they may be. I do not think that a “best” reason can be determined, I think the best reason or reasons are those that the individual feels most strongly about and is most willing to take a stand for.

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