What is the best rabbit to raise for meat?

I am considering raising a small herd of meat rabbits in Colorado. I have considered Satins, Californians, and New Zealands. Right now I am considering Satins because the size seems easy to manage and they have great fur quality. Any thoughts? Have anyone raised rabbits for meat before?



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    Californians and New Zealands seem to be the best for meat raising although some of the characteristics that make them the best are for their use in a long term meat raising operation. Both types have high milk production, frequent breeding and large litters. Thus if you have this kind you can continue your meat raising operation.  If you are simply looking to have a few rabbits to raise for their meat and then that’s the end of the operation these might not necessarily be the best. Depending on when you want to cook the rabbits will change what kind you might need as well. There are fryers which are cooked earlier in their lives, roasters (cooked later), etc.

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