What is the best power strip to help with energy efficiency?



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    There are a number of strips out there that feature “smart” outlets that automatically cut all power to that particular plug when the device is turned off.  They also offer surge protection.

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    The Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology, 10-Outlet got great reviews on Amazon.com. It got almost all 5 stars. Here is a review from amazon:

    Works perfectly! I’m sure I’ll start seeing savings right away since I have plethora of equipment. Setup is simple, just plug the TV i it into the controlling outlet and then the DVD player, xbox, etc… into the switching outlets. Now when I power off/on the TV everything shuts off/on with it. The nice thing about the power strip is that it has a couple of always-on outlets for recording devices – so they don’t lose the date and time. This is a well thought out and simple product.


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